Be More Ostrich

Yesterday I saw this advert. It stopped me in my tracks. It made me feel excited, uplifted; I wanted to share it with people, because I wanted to share that feeling. Working in communications it got me thinking about how a 90 second advert could make me feel like that?

The message is simple. “Do what you can’t”. It speaks to you. It’s something which nearly everyone can relate to in some way. That feeling of wanting to overcome the impossible; achieve something that others think you can’t; believing in it even when at first you fail. As humans we are pioneers, inventors – a species which is on a never-ending journey of exploration. It is in our nature. The most effective campaigns are ones that connect with a fundamental human insight. Something which transcends cultures and language. 

In that 90 seconds Samsung aren’t selling us a phone; they are showing us how they can help humanity to achieve the unachievable. So simple. So beautifully executed.