Three things we've loved over the past nine months



Yep, that’s the first nine months of Mearns & Pike flying past! They have been jam-packed. Here are three things we are most proud of that live up to our mantra of Love What You Do.

The future of HealthTech

You know when you picture a cool destination in your head, and when you get there it is better than you imagined. That’s how we felt working with members of the Board and the awesome team behind the Association of British HealthTech Industries on a rename and rebrand of their organisation. Challenged to help ABHI think about the future of their industry, we undertook in-depth interviews with 20 opinion leaders in health technology and industry, surveyed ABHI membership and analysed the environment to recommend a future focus and direction for ABHI. Working with the fabulous team at Nu Creative we were able to help ABHI bring their new name and vision to life. The result was a bold new look and a focus on the shaping the future of HealthTech. Check out where we ended up and what ABHI is all about at


A BBC exclusive for a little talked about health timebomb

We’d never heard of Fatty Liver Disease before. It gets little mention in the media despite the fact that it is thought to have a higher prevalence than type 2 diabetes and has serious health consequences. Putting Fatty Liver Disease in the spotlight felt like a challenge we’d love to get our teeth into. Working with the passionate team at Perspectum Diagnostics, UK Biobank, the British Liver Trust, Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust, the BBC and, most importantly, an amazing patient case study, we were able to tell the story of Fatty Liver Disease and show how early diagnosis and intervention can, in fact, reverse the disease. Best of all was working with Frances to tell her positive story about reversing Fatty Liver Disease. She was a superstar – eloquent, passionate and can totally lift more weights than both of us combined!  

The Greatest Show – well, a pretty good one by our reckoning

There is a great line one of the Muppet Movie songs (Gonzo’s ‘I’m going to go back there someday’): There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met. Whatever word that would be, we would use to describe the team from Medtronic’s Respiratory Monitoring Solutions (RMS) business and their event partner Contour. They asked us to help spice up their internal launch meeting after a period of change for the business and were the perfect clients. The planning and conversations with them went something like this:

Us: We’ve had an idea for this section of the meeting – how about we do ‘this’?

Them: Cool, love it. Let’s do it.

It was brilliant to have that level of trust and to be able to decide together different ways to engage their team.

We, in turn, were lucky enough to work with a brilliant events team from Contour who made the meeting run seamlessly.  With them the conversation went something like this:

Us: Hey, we’re going to need to get hold of some penguins dressed in tutus (not really, but that would have been cool)

Them: Of course, they are already ordered in anticipation. They will be here at noon. Tutus come as standard with these penguins.

We have to admit to shedding a couple of tears at the end of such a positive and amazing meeting – and when the client shares a few tears of joy too then you know it was a great event to be part of.



We feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work on projects like these, and many more that bring something different to our clients and mean that we can genuinely say we Love What We Do.