What we love about Free to Live Life Again: Bringing Purpose to Medtronic Pain Therapies (EMEA)

Our brief was to help 75 managers from the Medtronic Pain Therapies business to feel a sense of purpose and to be inspired to embed that through their teams. 


Taking inspiration from insights from the team, we developed an organisational purpose that would unite them and bring energy to the business. We brought that purpose to life through a 2-day event for Managers. We used a range of approaches and stimuli to create an emotional connection with the audience and challenged them to unpick the Purpose and how they could live it every day.

We challenged them to explore the purpose from different perspectives, and to plan how they would instil this within their teams. The highlight of the meeting was a scavenger hunt around Lisbon – the teams were tasked with the sights, sounds and smells of the city to bring to life their Purpose. The team left the meeting feeling motivated and inspired by the opportunity to offer life-changing therapies to patients and empowered and equipped to cascade the Purpose to their teams.

Kirsty - What I loved about the project:

I loved seeing how people engaged in the workshops. We created a gallery of artwork, poetry and music created by people living with chronic pain, and a Lego “fire walk” that prompted people to reflect how pain affected them. It was all about  stepping in the shoes of patients living with pain – feeling different sensations and really helping people to explore and understand why they do what they do.

Jon - What I loved about the project:

The client was really happy with the meeting but one bit of feedback I cherish was from the event team onsite in Portugal. Kirsty and I had the idea to plot a scavenger hunt and series of activities around Lisbon linked to the Purpose. During the pre-event site visit we worked out how it could happen with the local events team. It took a lot of hard work to set up but they did an awesome job making it a hands on experience, with tile painting, re-enacting a famous historical statue and even poem writing. After the event, the team leader said she’d organised a lot of events in her time but none as creative and hands-on as this one and she’d loved being part of it. We felt exactly the same!



Kirsty Mearns