Mearns & Pike
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Jon on Kirsty

Kirsty is one of those people who can think her way to a solution. She has a degree in biochemistry from Oxford and a whole heap of experience in medical education, professional relations, strategy and communications (she’s got awards and everything). Add to that her tenacity to find the insight that really matters to a communications challenge and you know that you get the right advice and an awesome campaign. She knows loads of people in healthcare and is great at making connections.  She’s a karaoke legend. Fact.

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Kirsty on Jon

Ask Jon for an idea and he’ll come up with ten. His vivid imagination may generate some random thoughts but in there will be an idea that sparks something amazing. He instinctively knows what makes a good story and he has the media contacts to make it a reality. He’s brilliant at helping teams find solutions and is guaranteed to make them laugh along the way. Ask him to tell you the one about the It Girl and the leopard…